Lucy Postins

Founder of The Honest Kitchen
Author of Dog Obsessed
and Made Out of Love


As Founder and Chief Integrity Officer, Lucy’s responsible for making sure The Honest Kitchen upholds its values, ethics and integrity across all departments and stays true to its roots as a challenger brand. She helps define the company’s future direction, safeguards its long-term sustainability and ensures it follows its True North as the business continues to grow and evolve. She helps ensure that all innovations continue to exemplify the company’s Product Values.     


Lucy collaborates across departments to further the company’s objectives in ethical sourcing, product integrity and safety. She also helps ensure that The Honest Kitchen’s Core Values of Healthy living, Ownership of work, Nurturing employees, Efficient decision-making, Sincere communications and Trustworthy company behavior, are modeled across all Company departments.


Lucy is The Honest Kitchen's primary voice and spokesperson to the media, key stakeholders and outside audiences and is a visible and outspoken leader within the Pet Food Industry.   Lucy is a public speaker who holds seminars and trainings for key retail partners, and speaks occasionally at conferences & community events.                


With almost two decades of experience as a companion animal nutritionist, Lucy is an innovative entrepreneur who’s passionate about advanced nutrition and holistic health, including complementary therapies like Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine, Herbalism and Homeopathy. 

Outside of The Honest Kitchen, Lucy mentors a number of other (primarily female) entrepreneurs of startup and established brands and serves as an advisor and board member for several.



Lucy grew up in rural England with both a dog and cat, as well as a younger sister. Their family grew organic produce in their kitchen garden and prepared homemade meals from scratch, which led to Lucy’s growing passion for cooking, along with an interest in the medicinal and health-promoting properties of many culinary herbs, vegetables and fruits.

Prior to founding The Honest Kitchen, Lucy served for several years as the equine and canine nutritionist for a Southern California pet food manufacturer and led a number of the company’s marketing and product development initiatives as well.

In 2002, her interest in natural nutrition led Lucy to investigate ways to make her own dog, Mosi’s, homemade raw food diet more convenient to prepare while addressing his health problems, and this eventually resulted in the creation of her holistic pet food company – The Honest Kitchen – which pioneered the advent of Human Grade Pet Food and healthy, whole food nutrition for cats and dogs.

The Company was created in Lucy's home kitchen in Pacific Beach, San Diego with just one single recipe. The most important differentiator for The Honest Kitchen, from day one, was being Human Grade, meaning that 100% of the supply chain, along with all production, transportation and storage of the finished products, takes place in accordance with Human Food standards.

Lucy made history in 2004 by winning FDA approval to use the term Human Grade on her company’s product labels, following an exhaustive pre-market approval process lasting almost a year. In 2007, she and The Honest Kitchen successfully sued the Ohio Department of Agriculture when it refused to issue the company a feed license to distribute in the state, citing that consumers there would be confused by the Human Grade terminology on its labeling. The judge in the cased ultimately ruled that The Honest Kitchen had a right to truthful, commercial free speech and the department was ordered to issue the license.

Lucy holds a bachelor’s degree with honors in Equine and Business Studies from Warwickshire (Moreton Morrell) College of Agriculture in England.  She continuously nurtures an interest in nutrition as a cornerstone of holistic health and has pursued additional training in the use of homeopathic remedies to augment the benefits of proper nutrition. 


Media Coverage & Awards

Lucy has been featured in a variety of news outlets including Forbes, CNN, The New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, Pop Sugar, Fast Company Magazine, The Huffington Post, TIME Newsfeed and more.

Lucy has been recognized by Pet Product News as one of the “25 people to watch” in 2006, 2011 and 2012, for her efforts in creating a sound, flourishing young company with innovative products and strong, widely respected marketing initiatives.  The Honest Kitchen has been named among Outside Magazine’s Best Places to Work for the past eight consecutive years.

In 2015, Lucy was named to the Pet Age Women of Influence in the Pet Industry, which honors women leaders who are influential in the pet manufacturing or servicing industry, with a solid reputation based on experience, integrity and leadership and a proven track record of accomplishments.

Considered an expert in her field, Lucy frequently writes articles for local and national online and print media, conducts radio interviews and educational spots, and holds occasional educational seminars for retailers and pet owners on the importance of good nutrition.

The Honest Kitchen has been named to Outside Magazine's Best Places to Work list multiple times over the past decade.

Nutritional Philosophy

Lucy Postins’ nutritional philosophy centers on the fact that every pet is an individual. Her belief that pets deserve proper food resulted in her creation of a line of 100% Human Grade foods for cats and dogs – and The Honest Kitchen was born.

Being Human Grade is a line in the sand around the quality and integrity of The Honest Kitchen’s products and ingredients, because all the company’s dog and cat foods are actually made in a human food production facility, not in a pet food plant.

Lucy approaches nutrition for pets with the same principles that guide the way she feeds her human family; the emphasis is squarely on commonsense whole food, minimal processing, freshness and a good balance of different colored ingredients.

Lucy also has an immense focus on the sustainability of the raw ingredients in The Honest Kitchen’s products. The company uses no ingredients whatsoever from China (even including the individual components of the human-grade vitamin-mineral premix) and maintains a map on its web site to show customers where each ingredient is sourced from at any given time. Lucy insists on free range, humanely raised chicken, wild-caught fish, cage-free turkey and duck, and ranch raised beef.

The company is also extremely strict about avoiding GMO’s and has already obtained Non-GMO Project Verification for five of its products.

The colorful pigments in produce are actually vital phytonutrients, which are antioxidants that support many different functions within the body including eye and heart health, immunity and the way cells actually communicate with each other.

In 2004, Lucy Postins’ company became the first pet food in history to obtain approval from the Federal FDA, to use the term Human Grade on its product labels, after she successfully proved to that agency that 100% of her ingredients, production and packaging are compliant with human food regulations.

In 2007, Lucy Postins prevailed in a law suit against Ohio Department of Agriculture, after that state initially refused to grant her company a license to sell its pet foods in that state. The judge in the case ultimately ruled that The Honest Kitchen had a right to truthful, commercial free speech and Ohio was required to grant the company its license.

Ever since The Honest Kitchen began, Lucy has sourced ingredients directly from the human food chain (many from suppliers that Lucy’s known and trusted since the first days creating the line in her own home kitchen). Every single ingredient in The Honest Kitchen’s pet food products is taste-tested by people and Lucy Postins herself tastes every food that the company makes.


A Day in the Life of The Honest Kitchen

When ingredient purchasing contracts are being set, it's common to find Lucy and the procurement team taste testing a variety of ingredients as part of the selection process.

The company focuses on color, aroma and flavor of each raw ingredient as a mark of quality and integrity. The brighter the color, the more phytonutrients are present. The company seeks out the most vibrant green for their green beans. Celery should actually smell like celery, and it’s hard not to pop a piece of parsnip or some dried papaya in your mouth when they’re sitting right there in dishes on the kitchen table.


The recipe creation process encompasses a variety of different factors, including the nutritional composition, Traditional Chinese Medicine attributes of the ingredients in the blend, a broad spectrum of different colored produce, and the flavor profile of the final blend.



Lucy is the author of two books:

Dog Obsessed

(A lifestyle guide for people who love their pets like crazy, published by Rodale Press)



Made Out of Love

(A book of healthy, real-food recipes to prepare at home for your pet)